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                                                             Who is Tim

  Like a sailor on the ocean of discovery, I have been on the waters all of my life. I have billowed
  My sails with the wind of knowledge and have ridden upon the waves of enlightenment only to
  Find another higher wave in the distance. The challenge of discovery intrigues me and
  I enjoy challenging convention. When things are at their worst, I am at my best and
  I know the value of a good friend and the joy of an endless love. I rejoice in my children’s
  Happiness and I am humbled by the miracle of life. 

  Born in a small Midwestern town, I was employed at a very young age.
  I served my country in the Air Force, Army, and National Guard. I have worked as a dishwasher,
  A fry cook, a plumber an electrician, an engineer, a commercial diver and much more.
  Knowledge through education has been a great part of my life and it has led me to this place
  And this time.

  My life is blessed and I understand and appreciate that blessing. I look around and see
  The suffering in the world and ask why? I look at those around me and see the limitless
  Possibilities that our world has to offer and work for a better tomorrow. 

   I like old cars as you can see below.
   I like to take long rides on my motorcycle 

  I Have a Doctorate in leadership and management,  I am a professor at El Camino college, provide a wide range of consulting services in electrical electronic,HVACR & business, I am a city commissioner and do  volunteer work for many organizations .
  I am committed to community service and development and look forward to the challenges that the future    brings.

No Magic, no acting, no one is behind the curtain just me being me!